Album Cover
Numah Lenium
The Rockadudes
Released: Jul 24, 2015
Track Listing
1 Boomerang!
2 The Girl in Question
3 All for One
4 Numah Lenium
5 You Were a Stranger
6 A Song for Love
7 War of the Heart
8 The Ballad of Jesamine Blue
9 Pullin' at Satan 2015
10 Boomerang Returns!

Liner Notes

In the early 80s, middle-school hooligans Mike Williams, Jason Beil, Brian Linnen, and Jimmy K, calling themselves "the Rockadudes," banged on some chairs and shouted bad lyrics into a boombox. Mike soon left the group and was replaced by Colby Zell for their hit 1985 album "Under the Porch: Live from the Kremlin." The boys went their separate ways in 1989, but now the Kick Ass Party Men are back together to bring you phat jams for the New Millennium. Jason, Brian, Colby, and Jimmy K invite you to join them as they explore the new musical landscapes of the twenty-first century!